June 30, 2022

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The unique combination of MMO, survival and casual

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The unique combination of MMO, survival and casual

The unique combination of MMO, survival and casual

Giang Ho Hiep Photo VTC is a long-term designed swordplay role-playing game that is clearly shown through a massive gameplay system, delighting gamers who like to explore, fight persistently, even 10 years is still not over. Participating in the game, players will be completely immersed in the game world that is always refreshed by continuous updates. This is also a game that has received great resonance in the domestic market and confidently conquers Vietnamese gamers in the near future.

Going deep into the gameplay of the game Giang Ho Hiep Photo VTC, even if you sit and tell it all the time, it will not end. But of course the game will still have its own unique features that will become a brand. It is a combination of 3 most popular genres: MMO, survival and casual. Players can experience a variety of playing styles, feel many different emotions.

In the game Giang Ho Hiep Photo VTC, players will not feel lonely when participating in guilds, together with brothers to build a powerful state. In addition, players can also fight the Boss together to earn rare equipment, gain more knowledge of Gypsy skills to participate in tournaments held periodically. Especially the Great Earth Born Arena, which is the place to help players experience survival skills right in the swordplay game.

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Not stopping there, this game also has an interesting feature called Marriage – Gia Vien. Getting married, 9 minutes and 10 seconds born right away, directs the young knights to a complete family life on the long road of wandering. Married life is also introduced into an interesting way for the first time. Tinh Lu can live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, and ride the same horse. Players also have the opportunity to experience tutor 4.0 when the gypsies can raise fish, grow vegetables, build houses, etc. 

Giang Ho Hiep Photo VTC also brings a bustling trade market with Lien Server Market for unlimited trade, freely exchanging with players throughout the game’s servers. The plowmen will be extremely happy when they just need to beat the boss to drop the items to bring to the market, plowing the best vegetarian products to bring to the market, go to activities to find genuine goods and bring the market to sell, etc. will help get rich not difficult.

In short, participating in Giang Ho Hiep Photo VTC, gamers can completely immerse themselves in the unique game world unobstructed. Combined with sharp graphics that will bring players into the World of Swordsmen, PK just calls it a hand.

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