June 30, 2022

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A fusion game set in the Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs game universes

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A fusion game set in the Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs game universes

A fusion game set in the Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs game universes

If you do not know, PocApp Studios is a studio built on the success of 2 previous games, Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs with more than 8.5 million downloads. Although they are a new genre, they have brought quality experiences.

Set in the context of the two games mentioned above, AlchiMerge is ready to launch promising to bring more interesting things. Join the game, you will be able to Craft, Trade and Decorate tons of combinations in their very own Alchemy Shop.

In AlchiMerge, players can expect to provide the Alchemy Shop with a variety of materials by combining, merging, and evolving the various resources on the Swirl Island. Players will have to develop their skills and make friends with other adventurers along the way while uncovering the mysteries hidden across the land.

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The collected ingredients can be used to craft different types of magical items, which can be sold to various customers who frequent your store.

You can also decorate the surroundings by adding some lively decorations or use your gold to spruce up the place and achieve more customer satisfaction scores.

You can team up with other Shopkeepers to create an alliance between the Humans, the Catani, and the Lupines. Game AlchiMerge also has the same universe as Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs in the Anima world.

AlchiMerge is currently being soft-launched in Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam for Android devices. As expected, this game will officially launch in all regions by the end of this year.


– Become a Legendary Tycoon Shop in Castle Cats Universe!
– Merge ingredients to harvest Miracle Materials for your Shop!
– Craft Mystic Potions, Spells and Ancient Jewels!
– Sell your items to customers and become the best Seller in town!
– Build Trust with important Heroes and forge new friendships!

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